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May 28, 2015

LENSAR banks on CIM med® carrier arms

LENSAR has equipped its latest generation femtosecond cataract laser system with high-quality medtech carrier arms supplied by the German manufacturer CIM med®. The LENSAR laser system  is used to treat cataracts and  manage astigmatism. The CIM med® solutions provide support for monitors that give surgeons a full overview of their operations. Flowing ergonomics requiring minimum effort to attain perfect positioning offer flexibility with a full range of movements for ultimate viewing angles. The mounts feature integrated cable management creating the highest hygienic and aesthetic environment whilst preventing cable damage.

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May 13, 2015

German Industrial Award 2015

CIM med® was selected as one of the winners of the German "Industriepreis 2015", a renowned German industrial innovation award. The company convinced the jury in the category "Medical Engineering" with its unique mounting solutions with integrated cable management and awarded the certificate "Best of 2015".
CIM med® solutions guarantee flexibility in the workplace, optimal ergonomic and simple adjustable carrier arms. Every single product distinguishes itself through six-time safety, easy-to-clean surfaces and low-maintenance handling. The jury of 30 professors and key journalists agreed that CIM med® is among the top companies.

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February 11, 2015

CIM med GmbH in the top three for the M&K Award

The trade magazine Management & Krankenhaus has picked the winners of its M&K Award 2015. CIM med® is among the top three companies selected in the category "Laboratory and Hygiene". What convinced the jury was CIM med®'s monitor mounts for long spring arms and ceiling mounts in the operating theater.
Prior to the selection, the jury had already made a preliminary selection drawn from all entries. Companies could register their innovative products in five categories in all. The M&K Awards were given out this year for the second time following the event's launch in 2014.
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January 07, 2015

LinkedIn & Vimeo

CIM med is now present on two social platforms, LinkedIn and Vimeo. Come and find out more about our company on Opens external link in new windowLinkedIn and keep abreast with what's happening at CIM med. We will keep you informed of all that is new in our portfolio and our company. The video channel Opens external link in new windowVimeo gives you a detailed insight into our work and our innovative products. Our own videos are available for your viewing under the profile name CIM med GmbH.