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Celebramos 10 años de existencia
Septiembre 2017

CIM med GmbH tiene motivos de celebración. En los últimos 10 años, la empresa con sede en Munich ha evolucionado desde una pequeña start-up en uno de los principales proveedores de sistemas de portadores médicos de alta calidad en el mercado internacional. 

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CIM med® certified according to the latest standards
June 2017

Now it is official: CIM med GmbH fulfils the requirements of the new ISO 13485:2016. This makes the internationally operating manufacturer of medical-grade mounting solutions one of the first suppliers on the market who has consistently translated the stringent requirements of the new standard into their management system. 

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Medical mounting solutions from CIM med® receive accolade
Mai 2017

The height-adjustable S-series mounting solutions from CIM med® have been rated as the best in the category of medical technology by the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 AWARD TEAM – and are now entitled to carry the corresponding certificate and logo. This award recognises especially advanced products that have a considerable level of economic, social, technological and ecological benefit.

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[Translate to Spanish:] Ergonomic medical mounting solution

CIM med GmbH launches a new S-Series on the medical market
Robust, ergonomic functionality through design and engineering
January, 2017

Munich based CIM med GmbH is releasing its latest generation of ergonomic medical mounting solutions to the market in Q1 of 2017. This optimised design features: A maximum load bearing capacity of 22 kg. Reduced product weight. A customisable internal rotation stop system. Greater integrated cabling capacity. The S-Series is CIM med’s response to modern market demands.

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