Mounting solutions anesthesia machines

CIM med® medical mounting solutions for anesthesia machines are designed and tested to the most exacting of standards. EN 60601 compliancy forms are the basis of everything we do, to ensure that you and your customer get the safest, most beneficial solutions available in the world today.
Each arm is earthed back to the carts own earthing system. The arms can be restricted in movements to protect elements of the cart like glass tubes, screens and gas taps. This also helps tip test conformity.
We have taken the time and effort to carry out all other testing such as static and dynamic load testing in combination with your chosen anesthesia cart. This is an essential part of medical compliance. We will never supply you with a solution that is not 100% compliant.

Please ask for a variety of TÜV-tested mounting solutions for anesthesia applications. A declaration of conformity as well as the TÜV report can be provided on request: enquiry (at)

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